Triline Automatic Sliding Doors: Add a Modern Flair to Your Interiors


Triline’s Automatic Sliding Door system, in combination with its automatic operator, provides living spaces with a special flair exhibiting modern and elegant interior design.

Apart from its visual appeal, the system’s various functions offer a high level of comfort. Thanks to its new technology, Triline’s Automatic Sliding Door system provides an almost noiseless, safe and reliable operation in combination with wear resistance. The sliding door will stop and reverse on light contact.

You can combine this system with glass or timber doors to create an eye-catching feature for private homes as well as for professional environments such as clinical practices, office, hotels and the catering sector.


  • Various mounting options for desired appearance
  • Multiple options for automatic activation including: pushbutton, radar motion detector, radio remote control, AutoSwitch, Push&Go, manual access of door system, extra measure of safety, permanent open
  • Panel versions: full-frameless glass doors, framed glass doors, timber doors, metal doors
  • Full height or standard height unit
  • Carrying capacity up to 80kg


  • Government - securing an entry & providing access control
  • Healthcare - for hygienic hands-free operation
  • Hospitality - safe, clean environment
  • Education - stand up to high traffic of educational environment
  • Shopping/Retail - provides easy access for customers
  • Residential - making life easy for those limited in their movement
  • Commercial - secure openings

Door Specifications:

  • Max Leaf Height: 3000mm
  • Min Passage width: 875mm
  • Max Passage Width: 1125mm
  • Min Leaf Weight: 20kg
  • Max Leaf Weight: 80kg

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