Bi-Fold Door Systems

More property owners are choosing bi-folding interior doors for their homes and offices because of their style and versatility. The interior folding door is a useful feature and lends a contemporary look to any space. Light and easy to install, our interior folding doors are the perfect choice for a well-designed room that maximises the available space.

Triline Quality Door Systems offers the Pivotfold interior folding door, which is suitable to use as a partition in residential and light commercial settings. All the leaves are of equal width, giving a neat and symmetrical look to any entryway.


The door system’s Pivotfold hardware means that folding interior doors can be designed using leaves of a standard width without cutting down the leaf adjacent to the post. This makes it easy to design a door to cover an opening of any size, since only standard leaves are required.

The Triline Pivotfold hardware also allows you to vary the look of the doors, as you can choose to fold them on either one side or both sides of the opening.

End-folding floating units consist of four or six leaves and can be pivoted to both sides of the opening. Clients can rest assured that the door leaves are designed to securely fit pivot sets, hinges, hangers and guides.

Door Specifications:

Triline offers the Pivotfold interior folding door systems in various sizes and thicknesses. The door specifications include:

  • Max Leaf Height: 3000mm
  • Max Leaf Weight: 25kg
  • Max Leaf Width: 900mm/leaf
  • Leaf Thickness: 35-50mm


Whether you plan to install our interior folding doors in your residential or commercial property, you can expect Triline’s products to provide a beautiful architectural finish and serve as a great addition to your space.

For enquiries or more details about the products, click the links below, or call our company and let us discuss your door system options.