Triline designs and manufactures versatile internal cavity sliding doors. If you can’t find a system that meets your requirements, feel free to discuss with us your needs and preferences. We’d be happy to make a custom product for your business, home or project.


At Triline Quality Door Systems, your convenience is our top priority when we manufacture our door solutions. Many hardware stores throughout Australia carry our range, so customers can easily find the product they want.

Our collection of internal cavity sliding door systems consists of different versions of the popular door system, each manufactured according to stringent standards to suit your unique requirements and design preferences. You can make the most of your living space, and even enhance it, by simply choosing the right door system to suit the way you use the room.

When opened, traditional doors take up a considerable amount of space. With our cavity sliding doors, you won’t have that problem. The doors are fixed in their frames, and you simply slide them to open and close them. Easy to access and use, you can install them in any room, even ones for elderly loved ones and young children.

Triline’s internal cavity sliding doors are an extremely versatile option for any property owner. You can find what you need in our collection. If not, then you may talk to us to discuss your requirements and preferences; we’ll be happy to make a custom product for you. Talk to Triline Quality Door Systems today.