Triline Pocket Door Release: Accessible Housing Design Solution

Sliding doors are inconspicuous and convenient, but sometimes they become stuck in the cavity. If you believe that sliding cavity doors are not complete without door pulls, think again.

Triline Quality Door Systems offer the cavity door release, eliminating the need for any hardware or accessory used for retrieving sliding doors from cavity pockets.

Available for new and existing doors, installing the pocket door release on your sliding door is simple, quick and easy. The only tool needed  is a drill, a 25mm speed bore bit and a couple of screws. No routing, no chiselling and no mess. 

These can be mounted to your new or existing cavity sliding doors and are supplied with fitting instructions and screws.

How does the Triline Pocket Door Release Work?

The cavity door release allows you to retrieve a sliding door by simply pressing on the door. It works by loading a spring mechanism. Once the spring is charged, you simply push on the door edge to release the spring catch. This propels the door up to 100mm out of the pocket.


  • Easy installation: Cavity Door Release is easy to fit, with an average installation time of around two minutes.
  • Compatible with new or existing timber doors.
  • Long service life without maintenance required (fit and forget).
  • Cost effective.


The pocket door release is suitable for commercial and residential cavity sliders. They make homes and establishments with children, the elderly and persons with disability safer and easier to navigate through.

The Triline Difference

Triline Quality Door Systems is dedicated to providing the perfect entryway to all our clients. As Australia’s leading internal sliding door manufacturer and retailer, we ensure that the products we carry from other brands offer the same reliability and performance.

Working with other businesses such as builders and hardware stores, we consider our partners’ success as our success. We provide quality products and exceptional service, so our clients’ customer base is satisfied. If you would like us to work on a project, please contact us for a quotation.

Triline is passionate about creating innovative door solutions. To enjoy door systems that make life simpler, safer and more spacious, contact us today.