Give Your Next Project A Clean Cut Edge With Ezy Jamb

For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail. Triline Ezy Jamb does just that!

Ezy Jamb is a split-type jamb manufactured from cold rolled steel with a patented profile to produce a strong and secure assembly. The jamb comes with perforated sides for flush jointing giving the doorway a clean line look.

Stunningly discrete, the Triline Ezy Jamb system is a perfect combination of versatile functionality and inconspicuous detail which creates a unique harmony in the square set, architrave-free rooms it adorns.

Simple Installation

Ezy-Jamb is simple to install, and it requires no special maintenance. The jamb is a split-type and comes in two sections that fit neatly together and provides adjustability in wall thickness. The system is complemented by a range of hardware to suit different applications.

Flush Finish, Every Time!

The completed jamb is flush finished and can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixing, achieving simple clean lines around the door face. The incorporation of reinforced edges overcomes the continual damage door jambs are subject to by normal everyday use.

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