5 Reasons Why Sliding Doors Can Be the Best Choice for Your Home

Sliding doors can do wonders for a home. As well as providing wonderful views, they are easy to operate and can be very stylish.


You may think that doors have only one function — to allow access to and from a room or building.  However, with the range of options available today, they can do much more.  Sliding doors are a case in point. Whether they hang from a runner above the door frame or are secured to a track on the floor, sliding doors offer a flexible design option that can transform a room.

Here are five reasons why sliding doors are such a popular choice:

1. Beautiful view, beautiful lighting

When the sliding doors are made of glass, they can allow a beautiful, natural light to flow through your dwelling. More than just an oversized window, tall glass sliding doors can provide an almost uninterrupted view from room to room. They are also great for creating an environment which opens up office spaces, allowing integration of the people within.

2. A sleek, modern option

Sliding doors are inherently stylish. When closed, they create clean lines. When opened, the panels either slide neatly behind the wall on either side of the space or slide into a cavity within the wall, hiding the door completely when it is not in use.  Triline Quality Door Systems offer a wide range of ‘cavity’ or ‘pocket sliding doors’ that can be customised to suit any application.

3. Save on space

Swing doors require extra floor space to open and close them. In contrast, sliding doors are more discreet when in operation. Sliding doors can also open wide and make the movement of large objects in and out of the property easy.  

4. Easier to operate

Sliding doors are easier to operate than swing doors. Because the range of movement is limited (just side-to-side), the panels are easier to open or close. Disabled individuals and those with limited mobility will find sliding doors preferable to swing doors. A properly installed and maintained sliding door requires only minimal effort to open and close.

5. An Illusion of space

Large glass sliding doors can have the same effect in a room as mirrors, making the space look bigger. Unlike a wall or opaque door, large glass doors do not isolate the room. This makes them less confining.

Sliding doors are a great option for many reasons. They are easy to use, beautiful and can make the smallest space feel bigger. With Triline Quality Door Systems, you can expect high-quality sliding doors that will perfectly fit your room. Available in many designs and fashioned from a variety of materials, our sliding doors are, in a word, perfect. Contact us now to find out more.