Home Accessibility: Designed to Enable

Living with a loved one who has disabilities is a challenge for any homeowner. It takes a lot of patience and expertise to look after them and attend to their needs. It may also be necessary to make changes to the structure and layout of your home to better accommodate the family member.

You may have heard how helpful an accessible home design can be to individuals with special physical needs. If you’re thinking of incorporating design changes into your home, where should you start?

Ramps for Mobility and Navigation

While you may not have to extend your home to incorporate an accessible design, you will need to maximise the existing area to install the features your loved one will need. Ramps make it easier for those in wheelchairs to navigate the home. Ramps can take up a lot of floor space, so you may want to free up your hallways to make room for them. Avoid bulky furniture, especially in the areas surrounding your loved one’s room. This lets them move around without inconvenience.

Hand Rails and Sliding Doors for Support and Smooth Operations

Installing handrails on the walls and doors provides extra support. This is ideal for elderly family members who find walking and standing difficult and are thus, more prone to slipping and falling. Getting close enough to or reaching for the handle can be difficult. This is made harder if the hands are needed to hold a cane or crutches, move a wheelchair or frame. The Triline Access cavity slider system reduces the typical swing door barriers presented to disabled people and also makes it easier for a person with limitations to operate them, as they don’t need to exert a lot of force to open and close them.

If you’re looking for the right interior furnishings to enhance the accessibility of your home, opting for interior sliding doors may be a good place to start. At Triline Quality Door Systems, we offer a wide range of internal doors to suit your home. Our products are designed to operate smoothly and are a smart use of space, exactly what you need to create an accessible environment at home.

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