Ideas for Your Smaller Kitchen

Thinking of how to cope with a smaller kitchen? Having a small kitchen can be just as fun as a big one!

Although most people would consider a large home to be a sought-after luxury, there are a growing number of people who deliberately seek out small living areas. For them, it’s a challenge to see what they can do with limited space. At Triline Quality Door Systems, our products are perfect for people who love to maximise space, and our sleek doors are key features of space-saving homes.

In this article, we focus on an area that can be a real challenge in a home with limited space: the kitchen. Most home cooks love a big kitchen. If you keep our simple tips in mind, you will be able to make even the smallest kitchen feel spacious.

Separate the Kitchen from the Rest of the House

This can be a great away to keep odours away from the rest of the house. It also makes meals a bit more mysterious, keeping the rest of the household guessing what’s for dinner. If your kitchen is separated from the rest of the house by a doorsill, installing indoor wooden sliding doors can be the way to go. This also turns the kitchen space into a nook, so you'll have better focus for your boeuf bourguignon.

Think Small Cabinets…

Large cabinets that open grandly are all well and good, but if you're strapped for space, think smaller. Several small cabinets in the kitchen will help you better segregate your pantry. You'll also have smarter storage for cutlery and other kitchen accoutrements. Clever storage space is important in the kitchen.

...And Even Tinier Appliances

Don't buy the biggest microwave oven; choose a smaller one. Many trusted brands create small iterations of kitchen equipment just for people who live in smaller spaces. Pick these options instead when shopping, so you don't crowd counter space. They will also complement the dimensions of the space they are in.

Designing a small kitchen space is a great project, especially for home cooks. While it can be challenging, the results will be worth it. Here at Triline Quality Door Systems, we have a wide array of doors that offer flexible solutions for small spaces. When designing your kitchen, adding our sliding doors could be the feature that completes your new room.