Cavity Doors for the Modern Home

Space is a very important resource in every home. In smaller homes, it is vital to maximise every square foot of space. Sliding doors are an option, but there is another type of door that is both beautiful and offers even more space-saving features. Cavity doors, or pocket sliding doors, can be a unique door solution for small spaces.

Perfect for Small Rooms

Traditional swing doors in small spaces such as kitchens and pantries are often cumbersome. Sometimes the available space is so small that even a sliding door can be problematic.  When every inch matters, it can be inconvenient to have to sacrifice the wall space needed to accommodate sliding doors.

Cavity sliding doors, on the other hand, don’t have this problem. The sliding door fits perfectly into a carefully created slot in the wall. When opened, the panel is hidden from view and will not impact the surroundings in any way.

Sleeker Look

In addition to saving valuable space, cavity doors add a new aesthetic to the home. When completely open, the door panels are invisible; leaving only the clean lines of the door frame. This can enhance the balance and form of your room.

Seamless Links to the Outdoors

When a cavity door opens to the outdoors, it can create a particularly beautiful effect. As cavity doors are effectively invisible when not in use, they can create the effect of a “missing wall” into the garden. This illusion is particularly effective when the door frame from indoors to outdoors is large.

Cavity doors are a unique choice for your home. They look extremely sleek and are easy to operate. Triline builds reliable interior cavity door systems for homes and commercial spaces that Australians can trust.