7 Reasons to Switch to a Pocket Sliding Door

Create smarter and more beautiful homes with Triline’s pocket sliding doors.

In the world of home building, space is money and every inch counts. As the costs of designing, building and remodelling homes continue to skyrocket, homeowners, architects and builders are coming up with new strategies such as pocket sliding doors to optimise space.

A pocket sliding door, also known as a cavity sliding door, is an ingenious take on the conventional sliding door. Open the door by sliding it into a wall cavity or pocket, this is why it is called a pocket sliding door. It is called a pocket sliding door because you open it by sliding the door into a wall cavity or pocket. They're mainly used for architectural effect or when there is no space for the swing of a traditional hinged door.

From aesthetics to functionality, pocket sliding doors offer many benefits to homeowners.

Visual Appeal

Installing pocket sliding doors add a touch of elegance to any space. Their simple and sleek design matches wonderfully with trendy architectural styles, providing a modern flair to your home. Their versatility can also accommodate a wide range of design preferences. For instance, if you want one made of glass panes, the doors will allow natural light to filter through during the day. The sunshine will make your home warmer and more inviting.

Saves Space

Having more space, even if it’s just two feet, can make a world of difference. Cavity sliding doors do not take up space like hinged and conventional sliding doors. You can put furniture by the door maximising your floor area, or leave the area clear to highlight the sense of space. Pocket sliding doors are also easier to operate in tight spaces, freeing you from banging your knee on the door or struggling to open or close it.

Extends Living and Entertaining Space

Open up your space with an internal cavity sliding door. Set between the dining and living room, your family and guests can move freely from room to room. Used as an exterior door, you can connect your outdoor and indoor living space on days with fine weather. A protective barrier one moment and a seamless opening the next, our pocket sliding doors allow you to control your space the way every homeowner should be able to.

Makes Safer Homes

Children are most at risk when it comes to hinged doors. Either by curiosity or a moment of inattentiveness, they get their fingers pressed and sometimes trapped by the hinge or latch side of the door. Homes, schools and any establishment can benefit from the safety provided by pocket doors.

Gives Better Accessibility

Pocket sliding doors make homes and buildings inclusive for senior citizens and those with disabilities. Seniors and differently-abled bodies will no longer struggle in their crutches, scooter or their wheel chair every time they need to open a door. They no longer have to manoeuver around an open door. This also benefits the sight impaired since the risk that comes with the leading edge is eliminated.

Open plan living

Partitions and walls can make rooms look constricted and crowded. By replacing parts of solid walls, pocket sliding doors rid spaces of that small, cramped feeling -- making rooms appear wider and more spacious.

Pocket doors are an easy way to give your home the illusion of open plan living while still providing you with the privacy you need. For instance, you can use pocket doors to separate your kitchen from the dining area or to close off your living room from the foyer.You also have the option to open them and enlarge the space for when you're hosting a family event or entertaining friends.

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Create smarter and more beautiful homes with Triline’s pocket sliding doors. Here at Triline, we only provide the finest quality doors. Our cavity slider doors come in a range of different styles and configurations to suit the needs of every home.  We also provide bespoke doorsthat we design and build to your specifications.

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