Choosing the Right Interior Door for Your Home

An internal door is one of the subtle fixtures that can make a big difference in your home’s interior design. It usually complements the colour of your furniture, wallpaper and other fixtures so that it can enhance the beauty of your home. You would also have to consider how it opens and closes since its function can determine its convenience. By choosing the right interior door, you can give a great first impression to your visitors.

Door Material

First, you should consider the material of the door. Classic materials such as oak, walnut, pine and other kinds of timber are suitable for both traditional and modern homes. Timber doors add a rustic look to a modern home, and it adds simplicity to homes that use sophisticated furniture. Similarly, glass or metal clad doors give a minimalist look to contemporary living spaces.

Door finishes such as paint grade or raw finish construction can be made to complement your home interior based on the colour of the paint or varnish used. The type of door material and finish is dependent on your budget as well. The higher the quality of the material and finish is, the more expensive the overall price of the door will be.

Matching Door Style to Home Interior

The style of the door you choose has to reflect the style of your home interior. Having a door that does not match your home’s interior would make the door look out of place. If your home interior has a small space, a sliding door would be a great choice, since it has an excellent space-saving feature. On the other hand, if your home has a lot of space and uses natural light, you may opt to use a glass-hinged door to allow natural light to pass through the room.

Triline offers a broad range of interior timber doors that come in different finishes, materials and sizes. We offer Semi-solid, Solid and Kitform doors that are manufactured to the highest standard. If you want to inquire about our internal doors, call 03 6272 9861.