Cavity Slider Product Upgrade

We're excited to announce a brand new enhancement to our cavity sliders to bring  you a lighter, stronger and more stable component into the structure of our sliding door pockets - LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber).

Since Triline was founded in 1996, we have continued to evolve and seek better ways to construct our cavity sliding doors to ensure our customers have the latest in architectural design and material performance.

“We have had invaluable feedback from our customers and end users over the last 20 years. During that time we have sought to implement these suggestions, to continuously improve our products.ˮ

Stuart Colledge, Managing Director

So, why are we changing one of our core materials?

Traditionally our products have been manufactured using Tasmanian hardwood, but as we are all aware, the fickleness of the Forest Industry in Tasmania has seen a lot of the hardwood suppliers move off the scene, resulting in fluctuations of supply.


What to expect in the near future:

Triline is currently trialing a high-strength engineered wood product (LVL) in the manufacture of our cavity sliders. As an engineered wood product, it is lighter, stronger and more consistent than alternative options.

Once we have completed testing this and are satisfied we have a superior solution, we will then incorporate it into all our cavity pockets.

The LVL product will be used for the rear post and rails that make up the cavity pocket. The exposed timber jambs will remain as Tas Oak hardwood.

We love to hear from you!

As always, any feedback from you to help us in our journey of continuous improvement would be greatly appreciated. For any questions or suggestions, simply send us an email or call the office 03 6272 9861.