Sliding Doors: Elegant Entryways for Modern Homes

Remodelers across the globe are seeing the rise of sliding doors over the standard hinge type, says Sean Wallisch, writer for ProSales. Years ago, the design industry was fawning over the intricate and textured features of antique Indian doors. Today, more people are opting for innovative and minimalistic doors when doing major renovations, such as sliding door systems.

At Triline, we probably understand the functional and aesthetic benefits of sliding doors better than anyone else. Here’s what makes this type of modern system ideal entryways for modern homes:

Upholding Practicality

The desire for space and functionality has never been more prominent in the design industry. Traditional hinge doors tend to take up a lot of room when you swing it open – a problem you won’t find in sliding doors. The technology behind sliding doors is brilliant. The doors are fixed in their frames – all you do is slide the door back.

The Power of Aesthetics

Sliding doors are attractive features of a modern home. Compared to the clunky and obstructive appearance of common doors, sliding doors offer a sleek look to a bare wall. Some homeowners also enjoy the seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. The door panels glide effortlessly back over the cavity and a fantastic view of their garden is just a quick tug away.

A Sliver of Sunshine

What is a modern home without an abundance of natural lighting? Sliding doors often come with a large pane of glass that you can slide out of the cavity after pushing in the door. These doors allow sunlight to wash over the kitchen or living room during daytime, getting rid of the need to leave the lights on for hours.

Triline has been a leading provider of cavity sliding door systems in Australia for years. We have an extensive collection of sliding doors designed to suit your design preferences and unique requirements. Discuss some ideas with us today and send a message via our contact form.