Sliding Barn Doors: The Perfect Additions to Your Home

Is it possible to enhance your home’s function and design by changing just one element? Sliding barn doors do just that.

Is it possible to enhance your home’s function and design by changing just one element? Sliding barn doors do just that. The doors may be inspired by the rustic gates used in actual barns but many modern homes have adopted this stylish and functional design trend.

Upgrading your home’s versatility and functionality may require a complete makeover, but sometimes it requires just one simple change. Triline’s sliding barn doors bring versatility and functionality without the hassle of a full home renovation. Available in a range of styles, they meet various needs and preferences.

Aesthetic Versatility

While paintings and art pieces usually enhance the visual appeal of a home’s interior, doors are also capable of providing aesthetic value. If you pay attention to the recent trends in home design, you are probably familiar with terms such as 'repurposed' or 'upcycling.' The appearance of distress or age on items in your home lend it character and history that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Interior barn doors, with their natural wood grain and earth-toned colours, pull off a sense of the rustic perfectly.

Triline offers a variety of options that match different interior design styles. Glass panels with a silver track can give a sleek, minimalist feel to a home. If you’re going for a natural, vintage or rustic look, a wooden barn door with black railings does the trick. Painting it with a colour similar to your walls creates a clean, seamless effect, while a bold splash of an unexpected hue can give a quirky or creative effect.

The barn doors can also be used in a wide range of applications. They are suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and even laundry rooms. Wherever you'll place them, they will provide both function and striking effects to your home.

Maximising Space

Space is an important commodity in any home. A small-spaced room or home can be sufficient for two or three people but when you are expecting your family to grow, then it becomes important to free up space for everyone to move around freely.

 Wall mounted sliding barn doors have become a trend in single homes, apartment units and other residences with limited space. Sliding barn doors act like movable walls, so do not take up floor space for door clearance ‒ giving you space for more furniture or less clutter. This makes them suitable for passageways to rooms with a lot of traffic, like the kitchen and the living room, to avoid collisions on the way.

 Wall mounted sliding barn doors are also one of the few entryway options that do not need any sort of track, threshold or moulding. This allows you more freedom to implement them in your home however you like. Triline's wall-mounted sliding barn doors also feature quality materials and high-grade construction. They provide quiet movement as well as smooth and easy operation.

Providing Accessibility

When designing the entryways within an accessible home, you must consider its suitability for all users. The swinging function of a traditional hinged door can be cumbersome, obtrusive and take up unnecessary space when in operation.

Wall-mounted sliding doors offer the benefit of an entirely clear floor space, enabling easier mobility between rooms. They are easy to manoeuvre due to the track and barn door hardware. The sliding mechanism makes it is easier for children, seniors and people with disabilities to open than a conventional door. Triline's well-designed sliding barn doors improve accessibility for various individuals such as parents carrying children or pushing strollers, people with disabilities who use mobility aids and members of the household who are temporarily disabled through accident or illness.

High-quality Interior Barn Doors from Triline

Here at Triline, we provide ways to maximise your space and enhance your home's accessibility without compromising aesthetic quality. With a variety of styles to choose from, our high quality sliding barn doors add versatility and functionality to your home. We design them with precision and manufacture them to stringent standards, allowing your home to flourish. You may opt for our prefabricated systems or request a custom set that will be planned and built to your specifications.

If you are interested in our sliding barn doors, feel free to get in touch with us today, so we can explore your options together.