Elegant and Minimalist: The Clean Lines of Zero Clearance Doors

Ceiling mounted doors are quickly becoming one of 2018’s most sought-after architectural features. Ceiling mounted doors, such as our Triline Zero Clearance™ door system, spans the entire length of the floor to the ceiling, resulting in an impressive, eye-catching door that is simultaneously elegant and modern.

Modern minimalism has always relied on the lines and forms of structures. Clean lines and simple geometry are preferred over more ornate forms, with an emphasis on the practicality as well as aesthetics. Our floor-to-ceiling doors are the epitome of modern doorway design, maximising space and complimenting your interior’s style.

Innovative Design

In the past, floor to ceiling doors were too heavy and clunky, and poor track design often made them unwieldy and difficult to open. They also required a bottom track to make sure that the door has adequate support. Thanks to innovations in door hardware design, however, full-height sliding doors no longer have the unwieldiness of past designs.

With the Triline Zero Clearance™ sliding door, you can mount the door entirely from the ceiling without the need for a bottom track. The top track mounts flush with the ceiling, attaining a clearance of just 3-5mm between the track and the top of the door. This offers the highest accuracy and stability, preventing jams when opening the door. Since the track is hidden, there is also no need for the use of pelmets.

Triline Zero Clearance™ door system is suited for heavy doors made from a range of materials. This system can carry both single and double doors weighing up to 120kg. The design is an innovative solution to some of the most common issues associated with sliding doors in the past.

Floating Door

One of the reasons floor-to-ceiling doors are so attractive is that they have the ability to transform a space completely. Triline's doors are versatile and can be used as a hallway door, as a divider, or to serve as a discreet closet door.

Depending on the design, it can be completely pushed into the wall, giving the illusion of a doorless entryway.

Ceiling mounted door systems give it a distinct floating appearance that creates clean, crisp lines.

Add Height and More Light

Triline Zero Clearance™ doors also create a smooth, uninterrupted line from the floor the ceiling that guides the eyes upwards. This adds instant height to any room, making the space look bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

Since there is no head or frame to speak of, this type of door also maximises the amount of light that can enter, which is perfect for homes that prefer a modern, open layout. In fact, these doors can serve as the perfect divider between living spaces.

Triline offers an excellent selection of versatile ceiling mounted doors. Favoured by architects across Australia, it can completely transform a space, whether commercial or industrial.

Want to learn more about our door systems? Contact Triline today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.