Maintaining the Quality of Your Interior Doors

Interior timber doors may not be affected by the elements, but they still need proper treatment to maintain their quality. Whether you are selecting a treatment for cleaning or for finishing the type of wood, the right cleaning products and proper application, helps prevent damage and extends the life of your interior door.

You can choose from several cleaning methods to maintain the interior doors in your home. Some methods are done once or twice a week, while others can be done once every few months or years.

Weekly Cleaning

Once a week, use real oil wood polish to clean both sides of the door with a soft, clean rag. Using real oil instead of polishing spray extends the life of the wood. Instead of using paper towels, always use a soft rag to help deepen oils into the wood grain of the door. If you have a glossy finish on your wooden doors, the oil maintains its glossiness and prolongs the life of the wood.  

Monthly Maintenance

Every thirty days, use another clean, soft rag to wipe wood soap on both sides of the door before cleaning them with oil. This keeps the wood grain looking bright. Natural oils in regular wood polish are only able to remove visible grime. However, using wood soap helps you lift stubborn stains caused by any liquid.

Annual Maintenance Methods

Once every year, remove the door from its hinges and clean unreachable areas that you miss during weekly cleanings. When doing this method, it’s a great time to remove and clean the doorknob assembly and solve sticking issues in the header, jambs or hinges.

When taking out both doorknobs and the internal assembly, you will be able to identify the sticking issue and know whether it’s occurring in the knobs or on the jambs and header. By oiling these parts with WD-40 or a similar product, and reassembling them after the door is fastened on its hinges, you should be able to resolve any sticking issue with the doorknob.

Oiling Other Door Components

Before putting the doors back up in their respective doorframes, consider cleaning the hinges and hinge pins as well with WD-40 or a similar product. Oiling hinges and hinge pins ensure that you will not deal with sticking that occurs on the sides of the door.  

Now that you know several methods of maintaining interior doors, you can practice these methods and lessen the chances of door issues from occurring.

Quality Interior Doors

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