Things to Consider Before Installing Your Interior Sliding Barn Door

Interior sliding barn doors are some of the most versatile and functional home additions. From visual effect to structural support, here are some pre-installation considerations to keep in mind.

An interior sliding barn door can make an excellent addition to your house, a statement of the appeal and vibe you wish to present. It serves as a versatile aesthetic feature while letting you maximise the space within your home. The rooms also become more accessible and easier to move around, especially for children, seniors and persons with disabilities. Interior sliding barn doors may be a simple addition, but the benefits are immense.

Before installing your sliding door, make sure your home is prepared for it. What are your specifications for a barn door and for what purpose are you installing it? Asking these questions will help you reach a more informed decision and make your purchase worthwhile.

With that in mind, here are a few things to consider before installing a sliding barn door:

1. Knowing What Look You’re Going For

Your barn door's design can enhance your home's overall feel and look. Barn doors fit well with a variety of aesthetic options. They can add a rustic charm to your home, or give it a sleeker, more zen look.

While not strictly necessary, barn doors cover a significant portion of the wall, so it helps to select an appropriate look. The key to this is to look for a design that matches your overall home aesthetic or creates a focal point that draws attention. 

2. Having Enough Space

Barn doors are highly space-efficient, but they require enough space to slide along the track. Make sure the doorway has adequate room before installing your barn door. For a single interior barn door, you will need wall space that is at least as long as the door, so it can fully slide sideways across the wall. Double barn doors, on the other hand, will require wall space on both sides.

You also need to ensure that the wall space has no light switches, electrical outlets, vents, or anything that may impede the door as it slides open. The floor and ceiling also need to be sufficiently levelled so that the rail system remains aligned to the ceiling.

3.  Having Good Structural Support

Barn doors are often heavy; some can weigh up to 90 kg. Make sure your home's structural support can handle such weight. The hardware rail system should not show or give too much movement, as this indicates inadequate structural support. 

For extra sturdiness, some people mount their sliding doors above the doorway, on a header with wall studs. If you choose to mount on a header, ensure that there is a wall stud or wood block at every interval on the track, even past the door opening.

Interior sliding barn doors are a versatile and functional addition to any property. Making sure your home is prepared for it allows you to make the most out of this amazing feature.

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