The Advantages of Solid Core and Semi-Solid Core Doors

With our range of wooden internal doors, we are able to meet the demands for different styles and functions. Find out the benefits of solid core doors and semi-solid core doors.

As a trusted manufacturer of interior sliding doors in Australia, Triline offers a range of options that are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Our range includes solid core and semi-solid core doors. Both types combine style and function to any interior, whether it is a natural and rustic or a modern and minimalist look. However, each type has its own unique characteristics that stand out.

Multi-Purpose Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors are ideal for both interior and exterior use and are widely used in both residential and commercial buildings. With a choice of paint grade or raw finish, solid core doors can provide a professional look while delivering durability and security.

When it comes to weight, solid core doors are usually heavier and denser compared to other types. But with its weight comes important features that are beneficial to both homes and offices.

For one, the dense composition of solid core doors gives them great acoustic and sound blocking properties. Similarly, solid core doors present great temperature insulation capabilities that contribute to energy cost savings.

The Convenience of Semi-Solid Core Doors

Semi-solid core doors provide convenience. Semi-solid core doors take the dense composition of solid core doors and use lighter and more economical materials that are durable and secure. They are like hybrids that blend the advantages of hollow doors and solid core doors.

Possessing similar characteristics as solid core doors, semi-solid doors present excellent security and fire protection properties. Since they are less dense, their soundproofing qualities are not as good as solid core doors. Their lightweight properties, however, provide ease of installation for builders and DIY homeowners.

Triline's Range of Wooden Interior Doors

Triline's solid core and semi-solid core doors are manufactured to high industry standards to meet client satisfaction. Each type is equipped with solid timber edges that enhance the security of homes and offices. Paint grade or raw finish products are available upon request.

We recommend installing our wooden internal doors with our cavity sliders to ensure you get the perfect fit. The doors can also be used for hinged door applications. We offer customisations and additional details like V-grooves, moldings, timber veneers, vent cut-outs, steel stiffeners and a variety of glass panel options.

We construct our solid core doors using a hoop pine internal frame with particle board core and raw or primed medium density fiberboard skins. For our semi-solid core doors, we use the same features with our solid core doors and add two to three vertical slats.

Australia's Leading Manufacturer of Internal Sliding Doors

For more than two decades, we have produced excellent door systems based on market research and the highest industry standards.

We have found that the demand for internal sliding doors is because of their safety, ease of mobility and accessibility, style and function; therefore, our goal to provide sliding doors of the highest quality to meet these needs.

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