Practical Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Is it time to give your kitchen a makeover? Here are some practical redesign ideas to inspire you.

From being solely utilitarian, kitchens are now designed for versatility with a welcoming, entertaining and inviting atmosphere. Food preparation has also become a communal act, turning the once humble, pragmatic kitchen into the heart of the home. Like most valuable spaces in the house, it pays to refurbish it once in a while.

If you are seeking to renovate your kitchen, we can help. Here are some makeover ideas that you can take inspiration from:


Everything should have its place in the kitchen, so storage is a good take-off point when redesigning the space.

Take inventory of what you have and how you can store it, or give away what you don’t need. Vertical storage is your best option when you have limited space. Using interesting pieces of display shelving is a good way to keep things organised and liven up the place.

If you are using open shelving, make sure to keep clutter at bay. Clutter can quickly lead to dust build-up, which should be kept out of the kitchen and your home.


Make sure that your kitchen has enough window space for proper lighting and ventilation. Almost 50% of the energy used in a typical home is due to lighting and temperature control. Utilising natural light allows you to use up less energy and reduces the need for artificial light.

Natural light is also believed to boost mood and productivity, which makes every second spent in the kitchen enjoyable and worthwhile.


Determine the best use of your kitchen island. If it’s for cooking and entertaining guests, make sure that your cooktop has enough space away from the dining area. Don’t forget to add ample legroom so that visitors can sit comfortably. Your kitchen island seating is adequately comfortable if you can place your knees to the side while seated.


Colourful doors are starting to become a design trend in homes and businesses. When following a minimalist theme, adding a pop of colour to your door would make a marked visual difference. A sliding barn door is also ideal for rustic-themed venues and contributes to the space’s homey and cosy feel.

For good reason, sliding doors have become a popular alternative to traditional hinged doors. Unlike a hinged door that requires a particular amount of swing clearance, a cavity slider door allows you to maximise the space on either side of the door.

It also serves an aesthetic purpose. When kept open, the door is able to frame the view of the adjacent room, creating a focal point for your eyes to follow. 

We offer quality kitchen doors for your home or business

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