Give Your Home a New Look with a Sliding Barn Door

Make a statement in your home by installing sliding barn doors. Learn where and why your home needs them.

If you want to give your home a new aesthetic look, why not replace some of your hinged doors with sliding barn doors?

Sliding barn doors are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional doors for homes and commercial venues. Vogue Australia cited them as statement doors in an increasingly popular interior design trend during 2018.  With sliding doors more readily available than before, you can also make a statement in your home.

Why use barn doors?

The main benefit of a barn door is it saves space compared to a hinged door. A traditional hinged door uses up space for of swing clearance. This may pose a problem for smaller houses as homeowners need to maximise space for furniture, shelves, appliances and their general movement. All you need check is that there is adequate wall space to slide the door open.

Sliding doors are often the best option for smaller rooms in your house. If you cook and wash-up in space no bigger than a ship’s galley, or the only spare room for a downstairs’ dunny is under the stairs, then a sliding door is a good, space-saving solution.  

Other features and benefits of barn doors

Sliding barn doors need robust hardware. Since it uses a track for movement, the opening size can be increased during renovations as the weight of the door distributed along the length of the track. Heavier doors can be installed in your home without affecting stability, allowing for their ease of movement.

Barn doors also bring aesthetic value to a living space. Whether your home is rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary, you can design your barn door to complement the rest of your home's style.

Our range of sliding barn doors are engineered for close smoothly and easily in one movement, and won’t suffer from a squeaky hinge or unaligned latch.

Ideas for your home

Sliding barn doors have numerous applications, particularly for the home. Here are a few examples:

  • Bedroom. Adding a sliding barn door to your room makes it cosier and more inviting. You can make the door a focal point for your bedroom by playing with contrasts of colour or texture.
  • Room divider. Large barn sliding doors can provide privacy between two rooms, without closing them off entirely. Adding windows on the door design prevents light from becoming blocked out.
  • Bathroom. Using a barn door is a great way to separate your bedroom from your en-suite bathroom. You can draw less attention to the door by painting it white, or the same colour as the wall.

At Triline, we are happy to provide sliding barn doors that suit your home's theme or style.

We provide quality sliding barn doors for residential and commercial applications

Triline Quality Door systems provide the perfect door to any home or office. We have a range of pre-made doors to choose from, or we can create a customised door for you.

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