Functional and Appealing Design Elements for a Scandinavian-Style Home

There’s one interior design style that incorporates minimalism, simplicity and functionality: the Scandinavian design. This movement focuses on simple and functional elements, natural light and space-saving techniques to create a clean, organised space that creates visual interest.

When choosing design elements and pieces of furniture, the tip is to zero in on innovative design, clean lines and versatility.  Since Scandinavian homes are traditionally small, there is no room for clutter and excess.

Multi-Level Shelving

One multi-functional structure that is popular in Scandinavian interior design is multi-level shelving. This great space-saving solution can double as a storage space or an area to display personal creativity. This structure can be used to organise books or display collectables, baubles and other items that reflect the homeowner's interests and hobbies. When styled and decorated, it can emerge as the stunning focal point of the home.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Versatile, attractive and functional – mid-century modern furniture fits perfectly with the central themes of Scandinavian interior design. Homeowners and designers favour mid-century modern furniture for various reasons.

For homeowners, these types of furniture are affordable and highly accessible, available in almost every furniture store. For designers, they like the smooth and clean rounded edges found in sofas, tables and chairs.

Maximising Light with Window Treatments

The principle of Scandinavian interior design relies on maximising the use of natural light. Letting in as much natural light as possible is one way to create an appearance of space and roominess. This can be achieved by installing windows in the right corners of the home.

If it gets too bright, add layers of sheer window treatments in neutral colours. The warmth of the natural textiles will go well with the clean minimalist lines of the windows.

Functional Interior Sliding Doors

Interior sliding doors are a suitable choice if it comes down to space-efficiency. Since they use very minimal clearance, sliding doors create the much-needed additional space.

Sliding doors are versatile and ideal for almost any room in the home. They can even be used for wardrobes and closets or double as moving walls to partition a large room. They create clean, seamless lines that are aligned with Scandinavian design principles.

Interior Luxe Wooden Panels from Triline

Achieve a Scandinavian home style with Triline's custom sized luxe interior doors. Made from clean, minimalist wooden panels, our interior sliding doors are a great fit for this well-loved interior design.

Our interior timber doors are available in a variety of wood materials, sizes and finishes. Each door is manufactured to high industry standards to meet client expectations and requirements.

Our sliding doors come with solid timber edge strips for enhanced protection and a choice of paint grade of raw finish construction. We also offer detailing options including cut-outs for vents, internal steel stiffeners and glazed or unglazed vision panels.

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