3 Facts About Cavity Slider Doors

Cavity slider doors provide a spacious contemporary appearance and a functional room partitioning. Triline discuses some facts about the popular door system.

Cavity slider doors remain one of the most popular choices for interior doors at home. Some people choose to install a sliding door at home due to its modern and stylish appearance. Others use it because it saves them a lot of space in their room. The doors are also popular for creating partitions between two rooms, such as an open plan living room and a kitchen.

Here are some facts you should know about sliding doors.

Doors That Unify Space

Sliding cavity doors add charm to a room by widening its floor space. Their sliding mechanism enables the door to stay hidden in a wall cavity and slide to a closed position. This removes the obstruction of a hinged door while providing a distinctive entrance.

Imagine a sliding glass door that unifies the floor space of the room to another part of your home. As the door slides to its wall cavity, it creates a seamless and graceful design that brings out a contemporary aesthetic to any home.

Comes in Singles and Doubles

Sliding doors have a fixed panel attached to two hangers that slide along an aluminium track. When pushed or pulled, the panel slides back and forth on the track to open or close. Depending on the available space and your preferred style, the doors can consist of single or double panel varieties. Whatever type you choose, the doors will provide a user-friendly way of accessing a room in your home.

One type that can have one or two panels are wall-sized sliding doors. When pushed in its wall cavity, it provides a home with the appearance of an open plan living room. This type of sliding door is popular for hallways, interior rooms and bungalows.

Made of Many Types of Material

Choosing the right material for your sliding doors depends on the look you are trying to create and the function it serves. If you want to add more natural light in your home, glass is the ideal material for your door. However, if you are trying to make a room look dim to provide some privacy, timber and metal are the right materials to use.

Also, you might also want to consider the weather of where your home is located. Glass sliding doors add more natural light, but they are not a good insulator, which makes them poor in terms of thermal comfort. To reduce the thermal impact, choose glass that is double or triple glazed to make sure your home does not get warm easily during summer.

Find the Best Sliding Door at Triline  

At Triline, we offer different versions of sliding doors that are constructed based on the stringent standards that suit your design preferences. We’ll help you make the most out of your home by assisting you in selecting the right sliding door that suits your living space.

Our internal sliding doors are a versatile option for any homeowner. They are easy to install and user-friendly for children and elderly loved ones. If you have your own design in mind, we will be happy to make a customised sliding door for you.

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