The Versatility of Sliding Barn Doors

The versatility of interior sliding barn doors make it a practical and stylish design choice for any home. Learn more about their uses with Triline.

The use of sliding barn doors in interior design has become popular in recent years with the growing number of home improvement shows and articles that praise its design and practicality. As more homeowners choose to personalise and customise their homes in order to optimise the space they have, installing this door system gives them a cost-efficient and space-saving alternative to doors that use hinges.

While sliding barn doors are traditionally used for exterior entryways, here are some of the versatile ways this door system can be utilised for interior spaces.


Installing a sliding barn door for your bedroom adds a modern charm that gives the space a distinctive entryway. Aside from being able to use more floor space, this provides better insulation for your bedroom as it has a seal that offers better temperature control. A sliding door, when closed, works to retain heat while keeping the cold out. This allows you to save more on your energy expenses as you are relying less on your heater and air conditioning unit. This airtight seal also prevents outside noises from entering, increasing the comfort level in your bedroom.

Built-In Closet

A built-in closet is a chic and sophisticated alternative to a bulky wardrobe. This design gives you more space to move around without having to sacrifice storage. Using a sliding barn door as an alternative to hinged doors takes up less space in your bedroom because it slides laterally instead of swinging open. It prevents dust from entering your closet as it has a better seal than other door systems. A sliding barn door also elevates your room’s visual appeal with its sleek design.


An open play area for your kids is a great way of giving them their own space at home while still being able to keep a watchful eye on them. Giving them their own playroom teaches them responsibility for their toys and the space they have. Using a sliding barn door for this room gives you more leeway in sectioning off this part of the house without completely shutting it away. In addition to this, you can customise a sliding barn door to lock from the outside, if you are worried about young kids getting out and endangering themselves.

Room Divider

A sliding barn door is a practical and stylish way to create more rooms in your house. Its design gives you the benefits of a wall without the commitment involved in one. For houses with an open space layout for their dining and living rooms, installing a sliding barn door between them gives you the advantage of separating them whenever the need to do so arises. This allows you to keep noise levels down as these are two of the most used rooms in most houses. A sliding barn door also makes for an interesting conversation starter when you have guests over. 

Triline’s Interior Sliding Barn Doors

At Triline, we offer a wide range of bespoke door solutions that are engineered for quality and robustness. Our interior sliding barn doors are carefully designed and crafted to meet industry standards. We have prefabricated sets, but we also take on requests for customised designs for residential and commercial customers. As a trusted door solutions provider in Australia, we will work closely with you in order to deliver a door system that is suitable for your needs.

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