Ditch the Traditional Hinge: Alternative Door Options to Spruce Up Your Home

Modern sliding barn door

Many homeowners tend to view doors as necessities, all function and no frill. They don't see them as decorative elements, but as simple guards of privacy and heat control between one room and another. While doors are functional items in your home, they can also create architectural statements. Sliding doors, in particular, offer a practical, alternative option with aesthetic appeal. When installed in the right areas, they give convenience as well as a modern flair.

If you want the balance of great design, comfort and function that non-standard doors have to offer, here are the best options to enhance your home:

Internal cavity doors

Internal cavity sliding doors are growing in popularity among Australian designers and homeowners because of their structure and versatility. They glide open to create a smooth transition between rooms, providing seamless separation. They are suitable for the safe and easy access for people with mobility issues; the sliding door can stop and reverse with light contact, and doesn't awkwardly swing open.

A significant advantage of internal cavity doors is their space-saving function. With a hinged door, you need to allocate space for the opening arc. Cavity doors, on the other hand, slide directly into the cavity of your wall, providing you more room to move comfortably. They also offer a safe opening system for nurseries and playrooms where toddlers may wander behind the door.

Bi-fold systems

More Australian homeowners are choosing bi-folding interior doors for their homes because they lend a contemporary look to any space. They allow you to create clear openings between rooms, making them look wider and more inviting. With the bi-fold doors, you can close off a section of room for privacy or divide up group activities. The doors also make for a chic space divider or smart and elegant wardrobe doors.

Additionally, they are slimmer and less conspicuous than French and other traditional patio doors. The wooden frame and glass panels allow maximum visibility of the outdoors without compromising strength while giving a modern look. Because the doors are built to fold and stack neatly to the sides of the aperture when they open, you can move freely from the house to the garden.

Interior sliding barn doors

In rooms where a traditional hinged door takes up too much space, sliding barn doors maximise the available space while introducing a splash of character and colour. They also come in a variety of design options. Glass barn doors bring a modern sheen while a rustic barn door will make the room feel more warm and homey. Thanks to their rolling door hardware and design variety, they are compatible with every room in the house.

Triline's wall-mounted sliding barn doors are produced to a high standard for smooth operation and quiet movement.

Spruce Up Your Home with Interior Doors from Triline

Looking for non-traditional doors to improve your home décor? Triline's internal door solutions offer the perfect balance between high-class aesthetic appeal and functionality. Whether it's a standard-sized cavity slider or a bi-fold unit of up to six leaves, we work closely with you to ensure that our products exceed your expectations. We also offer custom-made doors to suit any unique application.

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