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Triline's Cavity Slider for Tiled Walls - Engineered to Australian Standard AS1720.1 as required by QBCC for cavity units

QBCC published advice in March 2019 advising the unsuitability of some cavity sliders to support wall tiles. With this challenge raised we wanted to ensure our cavity units were certified as compliant for your peace of mind.

Triline formulated an engineering test on our cavity slider unit to determine the capacity of the system to withstand loading from the application of wall tiles and associated wall board and adhesives. Testing was completed on 24th March 2020 and the Cavity Unit was found to satisfy the prototype test requirements of AS1720.1 where timber moisture levels are maintained below 15%. Testing and reporting of results to the requirements of AS1720.1 were carried out on a unit sized 2400H x 1200W.

The following table is to demonstrate loading combinations that are equivalent or lower than the approved cavity frame design loads and eccentrities.

Recommended Combinations Table


Please Note:

  1. This table does not exclude other combinations, however, calculations must be carried out to determine whether other combinations of materials with differing densities and distance from the cavity rails will exceed the approved design load and eccentricity that have been established from physical testing
  2. Installers must ensure that tile installations comply with AS 3958.1 – ‘Guide to installation of Ceramic Tiles’ and follow the wall sheet manufacturers installation instructions

  3. Installers must also ensure that the Maximum tile loads as specified by sheet manufacturers must not be exceeded
  4. The reference moment established from physical testing establishes the criteria for eccentricity of loading as 0.449 kg/m² • m or 44.88kg/m² applied at 10mm from the Cavity Unit
  5. Calculations are based on Glue density of 1500kg/m³; Tile density of 1680kg/m³; Porcelain tile density of 1970kg/m³ 

    * tile thickness exceeds maximum recommended for 6mm Villaboard at 600mm spacings. These combinations are approved when using the Triline Cavity Unit with 450mm rail spacings as a special order

    ** Total weight includes the mass of the sheet