As with all Triline cavity sliders, the Concept™ range has been designed with robust-ness and strength being key features to ensure your project is complimented with a reliable, quality product.

The compact structural aluminium track profile ensures that the wheels cannot disengage and serves to reduce the risk of debris in the track, stopping the wheels from jumping, as any de-bris is less likely to accumulate on the raised rails.

The Concept™ cavity slider can be supplied with two optional beads to cover the clear-ance at the top of the door, providing a look similar to a regular swing door fitted with door stops.

The Concept™ unit allows for a minimal 10-15mm gap between the track and the top of the door. Perfectly suited to full height openings, it is also available for standard height doors as single or double door units.

To compliment the Concept™ range, Triline can also offer various options for doors to suit providing a com-plete package. Doors can be rebated for hardware if required, saving time during installation. The Concept unit is the perfect solution to high use areas in residen-tial, commercial and industrial applications.

One piece aluminium headtrack, Brio sliding door hardware, LVL or Hoop Pine Rails & Rear Post, Aluminium Vertical Angles, Reveals are made of KDHW or Hoop Pine depending on the availability and requirements.