Triline Soft Closer: Convenience You Never thought Possible

You’ll never look back

Say goodbye to slamming doors with Triline's Soft Closer.

The Triline Soft Closer has been incorporated into our product range to offer a gentle braking and closing of our cavity sliders. This dampening system works across our entire range of cavity units and remains out of sight when installed. The Soft Closer mechanism is engineered to stop doors up to 80kg in weight. A small amount of force is necessary to open the door.

Triline’s Soft Closer unit grasps the door in the last few centimeters and gently pulls it to the fully closed position. This avoids slamming, alleviates stress on the surrounding doorframe and helps prevent finger traps.

The Triline Auto Closing mechanism, suited to residential and commercial settings, enables users to simply open the door, and the door will automatically close once you've gone through. The Triline Auto Closer is best suited to doors 820mm and wider.

Combine both the Triline Soft Closer and theTriline Auto Closer to create the ultimate in sliding doors —just let the door go and we’ll take care of the rest.

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