Sliding Door Track and Fittings

The Zero Clearance Track & Fittings system offers Australia’s architects and designers flexibility in design with the freedom to open up rooms in a variety of combinations when space doesn't allow for them to slide into a wall cavity. Due to its versatility, they are becoming increasingly popular door systems both for new constructions and renovation projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Applications & Configurations:

Ceiling Mounted - The flush finish with ceiling creates clean lines when door is open ensuring a seamless flow from room to room

Surface Mounted Sliding - Mounted to the face of your wall this system can be left exposed or covered with a timber pelmet

Corner Meeting/Stacking - Where two doors meet in a 90 degree application - great for opening up or closing off a room quickly and easily

Multiple Stacking - Can be used in a double or triple overtaking configuration where all doors slide parallel and stack to one side of the opening



  • Quality heavy-duty extruded aluminium tracks available options up to 250kg
  • 4-wheel reinforced hangers with available options up to 350kg rating
  • Available in lengths 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm
  • Suitable for single door panels or two panels bi-parting in a single run of track
  • 60kg track & fittings available for replacing old steel tracks in cavity units
  • 80kg & 120kg track is finished in clear anodised aluminium for neater appearance and improved corrosion resistance
  • Powder-coated track in choice of colours available on request
  • Soft Closers availble with systems up to 80kg


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