Triline Internal Doors: Luxe Wooden Panels

Triline supplies a range of quality flush wood panel doors for the discerning customer.

Our range of internal doors is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, complementing the style and enhancing the functionality of any interior. Whether an elegant rustic or a modern minimalist look, Triline Quality Door Systems are your best source for interior timber doors.

Ideally suited for use in conjunction with the Triline range of cavity sliders, our wooden internal doors can be manufactured with appropriate rebates for Triline sliding door hardware as required. The Triline door range is equally suitable for hinged door applications.

Internal Door Options

Nothing makes your home or establishment say ‘you’re welcome here’ like a beautiful wooden door. Triline offers a range of interior timber door options that come in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes, giving you unique options for quality doors throughout the building. We make sure each of them is manufactured to high industry standards, for the client’s satisfaction.

With our wooden door panels, you’ll find limitless possibilities. Our collection includes:

Triline Semi-solid Doors

Semi-solid core doors have a hoop pine internal frame with 2 or 3 vertical slats and raw or primed MDF skins.

Triline Solid Doors

Solid core doors have a hoop pine internal frame with particle board core and raw or primed MDF skins.

Triline Kitform Doors

In the changing world of design, large doors are often utilized to enable multiple use of space or to open areas up to general use. The Kitform door has been designed to fulfil this demand and allows us to supply oversized doors up to 3600mm wide. These doors are made up of separate panels which are then joined together onsite.


  • Solid timber edge strips for added protection
  • Paint grade or raw finish construction available on request
  • RHS inserts for added rigidity to minimise twist or bow in doors


  • Internal use
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hinged door 
  • Sliding door

Detail Options:

  • Glazed or unglazed vision panels
  • Cut-outs for vents
  • Metal clad doors
  • Timber and glass joinery doors
  • Internal steel stiffeners for over size doors

You can find the wooden interior door for your property in Triline’s collection. For more details and inquiries, please click on the links below.

Custom Size Interior Doors

Triline can create the perfect entrance to any property. We manufacture custom sized interior doors suitable for residential and commercial applications. These doors are an integral part of our quality door system, and engineered with the same quality and robustness. Always focusing on attention to detail and customer satisfaction, our primary goal is to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Special sizes, other individual components and accessories please contact us.

Bring style and function to your interiors with Triline Quality Door Systems. Speak to us today.