Rangerbuilt cavity switch unit is an innovative new product that allows the installation of light switches and power points onto a wall with a cavity sliding door unit or commonly known as a pocket door.

With Rangerbuilt cavity switch, electrical wires are protected from the movements of the door enabling you to utilise the walls on either side of your sliding door unit for all your electrical needs.

Instructions for use

  1. Cut the Rangerbuilt Cavity Switch Unit to the length required using the perforations provided. Use hand tools, hacksaw or utility knife in an appropriate safe manner. Power tools are not to be used as damage to the product or persons may incur.

  2. The Blanked-off end of the Rangerbuilt Cavity Switch Unit must face the doorway opening.

  3. Fix the Rangerbuilt Cavity Switch Unit in an appropriate method to suit the specific application via glue, silicon or other fixing methods to ensure it is secure. Making sure it is both level and perpendicular.

  4. Install provided speed clips for screwing back the GPOs of switches.

  5. Install the wiring into the Rangerbuilt Cavity Switch Unit prior to installing any wall paneling, plaster etc.

  6. Only snap out the switch tabs required before the installation of wall lining.

  7. After paneling or plaster has been installed, fit off switches of GPOs.

  8. Ensure screws do not penetrate wires or the rear of the Rangerbuilt Cavity Switch Unit.

James, the founder of Rangerbuilt, has worked in the construction industry for 16 years as a qualified carpenter. Whilst working on a building site he was aware of the issue of not being able to put a light switch on a wall fitted with a sliding door unit and sought to find a solution!

The idea of the Rangerbuilt Cavity Switch Unit came to fruition making it possible to achieve this goal.

Twelve years in the making, the idea for the Rangerbuilt – Cavity Switch Unit was born from the need to solve a problem. Whilst on construction sites, designer James observed many situations where light switches and power points were put in inconvenient locations.

He remembers walking into a big bathroom of a master suite with large sliding doors. The light switches had to be put on the far wall meaning that the owners would have to cross a dark bathroom to turn on the lights. Not only was this dangerous in what could be a slippery space, but was also a disappointment in such a grand bathroom.

This prompted designing the Rangerbuilt – Cavity Switch Unit. Many years of trial, error and research have gone into the product which Rangerbuilt can now proudly pass onto you as a simple but effective solution to your electrical needs.

Rangerbuilt is proud to be Australian Made, Owned and Designed.