Triline Access™: The Smart and Inclusive Solution

A manual/swing door can be a significant barrier to accessibility if you have impairments such as: poor grip, reduced muscle power and poor balance.  Getting close enough to or reaching for the door handle can be difficult.  This is especially so if you are holding a cane, crutches, or using a wheelchair or walking frame.  Other things that make accessibility difficult include door closers, small lobbies, narrow corridors and small clear-opening widths.

At Triline, we want to make accessibility as easy as possible for those who are limited in their movement.  We have developed a cavity slider system that reduces some of the typical swing door barriers presented to disabled people.  This makes buildings and dwellings more independently accessible and ‘inclusive’.

The Access™ cavity slider has been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009.  

  • Minimum clear opening of a doorway on a continuous accessible path of travel must be 850mm when measured from the edge of the opened door to the doorjamb (see figure 1)
  • Door leaf needs to sit proud of the cavity to allow for a projecting handle to make it easy for the user to open/close (see figure 1)
  • To suit 2040 high x 1020 wide x 35mm door size
  • To suit 2115 high x 1950 wide stud opening

Tiline Access: Accessibility Doors

Figure 1

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Triline Access™ cavity slider


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