At Triline, we want to make it as easy as possible for those who are limited in their movement and have developed a cavity slider system that reduces some of the typical swinging door barriers presented to disabled people, thereby making buildings and dwellings more independently accessible or ‘inclusive’.

A manual swinging door can be a significant barrier for users that have, for example, poor grip, reduced muscle power, or balance. Getting close enough to or reaching for the handle can be difficult. This is made harder if the hands are needed to hold a cane or crutches, move a wheelchair or frame. Other factors increasing the degree of difficulty include door closers, small lobbies, narrow corridors, and small clear-opening widths.

Max Door Height: 2700mm
Max Door Width: 1500mm

N.B. Max door height and width may vary depending on the weight of the door.

  • One piece aluminium head track
  • Brio sliding door hardware
  • LVL or Hoop Pine Rails & Rear Post
  • Aluminium Vertical Angles
  • Reveals are made of FJ Hoop Pine – KDHW is available upon request depending on the accessibility and requirements

The Access™ cavity slider has been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009.