As with all Triline cavity sliders, the Phoenix™ range has been designed with robustness and strength. These are key features to ensure your project is complemented with a reliable, quality product. 

The ‘double J’ track design keeps the wheels fully engaged at all times. This ensures that the door will never jump off the track as a single rail system might. This feature and the new and improved hanger design, combined to make a cavity slider that will provide years of quiet, smooth operation. The Phoenix™ hanger features 4 wheels with precision bearings, a cast nylon body for strength, and quick release fittings for ease of installation and adjustment.

Max Door Height: 2340mm
Max Door Width: 1020mm

N.B. Max door height and width may vary depending on the weight of the door.

  • One piece aluminium headtrack
  • Brio sliding door hardware
  • LVL or Hoop Pine Rails & Rear Post
  • Aluminium Vertical Angles
  • Reveals are made of KDHW or FJ Hoop Pine depending on the accessibility and requirements
  • Other reveal species or custom thickness available upon request