As with all Triline cavity sliders, the Hercules™ range has been designed with robustness and strength being key features to ensure your project is complemented with a reliable, quality product. The cavity system is suitable for single doors sliding to one side or double doors sliding on either side on a single track.

The compact structural aluminum track profile ensures that the wheels cannot disengage and serves to reduce the risk of debris in the track causing the wheels to jump, as any debris is less likely to accumulate on the raised rails.

The Hercules™ hangers structural construction, steel fixing plates, and hanger bolts ensure long life. Our proven 4-wheel reinforced nylon outer tyre hanger technology, with chrome steel precision bearings, is standard. This offers years of silent smooth operation and superior rolling performance.

Max Door Height: 2700mm
Max Door Width: 1500mm

N.B. Max door height and width may vary depending on the weight of the door.

  • One piece aluminium head track
  • Brio sliding door hardware
  • LVL or Hoop Pine Rails & Rear Post
  • Aluminium Vertical Angles
  • Reveals are made of KDHW or FJ Hoop Pine depending on the accessibility and requirements
  • Other reveal species or custom thickness available upon request