The Leading Source of Quality Internal Sliding Doors In Australia

Welcome to Triline Quality Door Systems, the leading source of unique, high-quality internal sliding doors in Australia. Our company is the trusted manufacturer of the popular internal cavity sliding doors, as well as other sliding door solutions throughout the country.

Triline manufactures door systems and related hardware that are perfect for commercial and residential applications, complementing the aesthetics and enhancing the functionality of any property. If you’re looking for the perfect entrance for your home or office, then Triline is the place to find it.

How We Began

The company entered the sliding door manufacturing business in 1996, to cater to the growing market for the popular door system. What began as a supplier with a stock of only 50 cavity doors now serves thousands of clients across Australia.

For two decades, we have produced door systems that are backed by research and manufactured to the highest standards in the trade. During that time, we have expanded our company and facilities to serve more clients and to meet the growing demand. Today, we are known throughout Australia for providing internal cavity doors that merge style with practicality.

With our core values of diligence, accountability, passion and honesty, we serve with the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. Through our reputation for service, we continue to grow our customer base of builders, hardware stores and independent clients.

Why Sliding Doors

Internal doors are becoming more popular in Australia because of their aesthetic appeal and function. Light and versatile, they provide a sleek look to both homes and workplaces.

Property owners who want a rustic and cosy look may opt for wooden doors with glass centres, while others may prefer a solid-coloured version for a more professional look. Throughout Australia, many homes and businesses are shifting to internal glass or timber cavity sliding doors. In addition to being a stylish fixture, sliding doors are easy to open and close, can cover various sizes of openings and come in a variety of designs.

At Triline, our internal door systems are made to make interiors more sophisticated yet simple, safe and easy. The Zero Clearance sliding door system is are ideal for high-end properties. The clean line design gives a neat architectural and modern appearance that our clients love. The Triline Access door makes entry for children, the elderly and persons with disability easier. With its sleek clean look, it suits even the most stylish commercial properties.

With Triline Quality Door Systems, you liven-up your interiors and make them more efficient ‒ with doors built to last. 

Call Triline For Your Sliding Door Options

Triline offers a wide range of internal sliding door systems you can choose from. See what we have on offer on our website, or call us to have a door customised just for you. Speak to us today and let us know how we can help you.