Zero Clearance™

The striking appearance achieved with floor to ceiling doors presents its own unique challenges when it comes to sliding door hardware. Modern minimalist—clean lines demand unobtrusive hardware that is concealed from view.

The Triline Zero Clearance™ range has been designed to achieve clearances of 3-5mm between the track & top of the door. With no hanger plates or screws protruding above the top edge of the door, the door can be adjusted to achieve a minimal Zero Clearance™ look.

Available for full height doors, or to suit standard height doors as single units, or to suit double doors sliding one either side on a single track.

In addition to the minimalist hanger fittings, the Triline Zero Clearance™ range comes with a precision bearing bottom roller guide system as standard, fully concealed in the bottom edge of the door, extending the Zero Clearance™ look to the floor.

To compliment the Zero Clearance™ range, Triline can also offer various options for doors to suit providing a complete package. Doors can be rebated for hard-ware if required, saving time during installation.

Max Door Height: 3000mm
Max Door Width: 3000mm

N.B. Max door height and width may vary depending on the weight of the door.

One piece aluminium headtrack, Brio sliding door hardware, LVL or Hoop Pine Rails & Rear Post, Aluminium Vertical Angles, Reveals are made of KDHW or Hoop Pine depending on the availability and requirements.