How Can Cavity Doors Elevate Your Home?

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With the new home designs of the 1950’s and 60’s, came the space-saving innovation of cavity sliding doors. This brought out the best in open floor plans and the ability to create a throughline throughout the whole house.

Having a door that conveniently slides out of view and no longer opens into or out of a room was a ground-breaking idea. There was an attractive way to save space which could add a level of elegance and charm to a home.

These days, you can find these design wonders in residential and commercial settings.

Utilising their sleek design is just one of the many reasons you should consider installing one yourself.

Space maximization

As their name suggests, a sliding cavity door can glide into a wall cavity specially built within the frame to house the door. The result is that all the space around the doorway is maximized, with none of the obstructions caused by a typical swing door.

You have more room to arrange your furniture and have the ability to use every inch of your floor space. It allows you to add more of your own personal flair and style.

This is where custom sliding doors can go one step further again. This option delivers extra benefits from traditional swing doors. 

If you have a smaller home or apartment, the choice of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors are especially beneficial for exploiting the limited space. You gain a more spacious feel and look with a door that instantly disappears from your eye line.

Creating a better flow

With an uninterrupted throughline, you can move about freely and place décor and furnishing wherever you please. It is easier to pass from room to room, thanks to sliding doors’ space-saving ability. The same can be achieved using a floor-to-ceiling version extending that feeling of openness and spaciousness. 

The larger the door, the more opportunity for airflow and light to spill through and fill the house. You can also use the sliding door effect to cleverly divide a larger room into smaller ones that can be partitioned off as rooms for guests. You can also leave the sliding door open to extend the space for large get-togethers.

Adding character & style to your home

Sliding doors can add a special aesthetic to the room and when you are looking for installing a floor-to-ceiling sliding door, there are a variety of options and designs to choose from. For new builds, you have the perfect opportunity to incorporate a touch of stylishness with a feature door, especially when they span to the height of the ceiling. 

For renovations and cost savings, you could opt for those which are created from recyclable materials to reduce wastage and promote sustainability. 

Custom sliding doors have grown in popularity and have become a ‘go to’ item.  Adding personality and elevating rooms from ordinary to eye-catching is the feature of sliding door design.


Most cavity sliding doors come with a lifetime warranty on the sliding hardware. The fittings are guaranteed to sustain a lifetime of usage when used as intended. 

Door structures do not need to be frequently replaced or modified. It is important to consider using the best quality available to ensure you enjoy the benefits for longer. This is where we recommend choosing custom sliding doors over standard off-the-shelf and inferior-quality solutions. This ensures you get the best possible sliding door solution in your home for many years to come.

Enhance Experience

A cavity sliding door is a brilliant idea to enhance the living experience. Your home is your haven, and you want to do everything to make it as comfortable and easy to live in as you can. 

Unlike swing doors, modern custom sliding doors come with a soft close option which prevents the door from hitting against the door jamb. You can say goodbye to the sudden frights from the shock of your door suddenly slamming.

These innovative feature doors will increase your home’s value if you ever decide to resell and are excellent additions to everything from baby rooms, walk-in closets, and ensuites where the noise can disrupt others in the home. They also bring a welcoming feeling and add luxury to your home.

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