By making some smart design changes we can now offer you a costeffective architectural solution on your standard sized cavity unitswhich suits “off-the-shelf” doors.

With a door weight rating of up to 60kg this new generation ZeroClearance cavity system achieves the desired clean line look on all your standard-sized sliding doors. In using the Pro-Line60™ on the standard-sized cavity units, this will match with full height ZeroClearance units ensuring consistency to doorways throughout the dwelling.

  • No pelmets – achieve the same minimalist,clean-lined look of the Zero Clearancecavity unit
  • Max 60kg door weight
  • Affordable upgrade from the standard Phoenix unit to achieve up-market feel on standard-sized sliding doors
  • Quicker installation time
  • Suits off the shelf doors with no need for bigger top & bottom rails for hardware rebates

Door Clearances:

Between track & door: 8mm +/-3mm
Below door: 23mm +/-3mm

Single door opening

Opening Width (Stud to Stud):
2 x door width + 60mm
Opening Height (Floor to Trimmer):
door height + 75mm

Double door opening

Opening Width (Stud to Stud):
4 x door width + 60mm
Opening Height (Floor to Trimmer):
door height + 75mm

One piece aluminium headtrack, Brio sliding door hardware, LVL or Hoop Pine Rails & Rear Post, Aluminium Vertical Angles, Reveals are made of KDHW or Hoop Pine depending on the availability and requirements.

All Triline cavity sliders up to 2400 x 1200 are certified to carryfloor to ceiling tiles as per the Prototype Test requirements outlinedin AS 1720 Timber Structures—Design Methods.

PEFC & Responsible Wood
Triline Quality Door Systems is a certified member of theResponsible Wood program for the Endorsement of ForestCertification Schemes.