Enhancing Accessibility and Safety: The RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit for Pocket Door Systems

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In the realm of architectural design, functionality and safety are paramount considerations. The RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit emerges as a groundbreaking solution, addressing the longstanding challenge of integrating light switches and power points into cavity sliding door units. This article explores the significance of this innovation, its advantages, and why architects should prioritize specifying it in their designs.

Advantages of the RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit:

caviry switch unit
  1. Innovative Electrical Integration:

The RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit represents a leap in electrical innovation by allowing the seamless integration of light switches and power points onto cavity sliding door units. This resolves the limitation of fixed switch and GPO locations, providing architects and homeowners with newfound flexibility.

  • Australian-Made Quality:

RangerBuilt proudly stands as an Australian-made and owned company, ensuring the product’s quality and supporting the local industry. The materials and packaging are locally sourced, contributing to sustainability and supporting the economy.

  • Improved Accessibility:

One of the primary advantages of the RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit is its ability to enhance accessibility throughout a living space. By enabling the installation of switches and power points on interior sliding doors, users can maximize the use of walls on either side, making every corner of the house functional.

  • Easy Installation:

The installation process is streamlined, making it easy for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With custom sizes available upon request, the RangerBuilt unit fits standard internal sliding door units (620mm to 920mm), offering adaptability to diverse architectural configurations.

  • Versatility in Switch Orientation:

The Cavity Switch Unit is designed to accommodate both horizontal and vertical switch placements. This adaptability ensures that architects can meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients, adding an extra layer of customization to the design process.

  • Safety Considerations:

Safety is a paramount concern, and the RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit addresses this by eliminating the need for inconveniently placed switches. Founder James, a seasoned carpenter with 16 years of experience, was inspired to create this product after witnessing potentially hazardous situations. One job in particular he was working on with large sliders to the master suite meant the light switches would be inconveniently placed on the distant wall of a spacious bathroom. The impracticality becomes evident if you have to fumble through the darkness to the other side of the bathroom, just to turn the light on. The innovation embodied in the RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit not only enhances convenience but also alleviates safety concerns linked to navigating your interiors in a more pragmatic and user-friendly manner.


Incorporating the RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit on cavity sliding doors into architectural designs presents an exciting opportunity for architects and builders. This innovative product not only sets a new standard in electrical design but also expands the range of possibilities for designers and builders seeking to enhance the functionality and safety of their projects. With Australian-made quality, easy installation, and versatile applications, the RangerBuilt Cavity Switch Unit offers a valuable tool to add flexibility and creativity to your designs. Embrace this forward-thinking solution, and discover how it can elevate your architectural projects to new levels of innovation and user-centric design.

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