How to choose the perfect sliding door hardware

How to choose the perfect sliding door hardware

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For the best performance of your doors, you need quality sliding door hardware

Whether it’s utilising the best in internal sliding door track systems or choosing from a wide array of sliding doors and internal door panels.

The benefits of choosing sliding doors over conventional swing doors are many and varied.

You can change the look and feel of your home by opting for the space saving and decluttering effects that sliding doors offer. This allows the room and the overall house to be one where the focus is given to the features you want to showcase such as stylish furniture and artistic touches in the décor and objects you have.

With this simple but effective use of space, your home can ‘breathe’ and you can highlight your sense of style without the hindrance and interruption of traditional doors. 

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Getting the best from your sliding doors

There is more to a sliding door than you might realise at first.

Yes, you have the ideal way to save and add space to your home. You also get the bonus of the special flow of energy through the rooms.

To enjoy the best of all the benefits that come with these innovative solutions, you need to have quality materials and a superior level of design and manufacture on your side.

It can be a serious mistake to think that all sliding doors are of the same quality and will give you the years of easy use that you hoped for. This is where Triline stands out from the rest.

You can have the very best options – even custom-built to your specific needs – by talking to the top team in the industry. It is the dedication to remaining Australia’s leading manufacturer of quality sliding and folding door systems that makes all the difference. You get the advantage of unparalleled products and service. 

One of the key components is Triline’s special internal sliding door track systems. This means that you have the benefits in variety of ways.

The choices in sliding door hardware

There are many aspects to being able to offer the best in sliding doors. It is the hardware and the high standards that each component meets that can matter most.

With Triline, the different hardware within the sliding door range is nothing short of impressive. You can choose and benefit from a long list of options, including;

Full Height Applications where the track is mounted flush with the ceiling to create clean lines when the door is open, and it incorporates the Triline Zero Clearance™ track and hangers.

For applications that are less than full height, you have a track that is mounted under a bulkhead with heavy-duty systems available.

You can choose the style where the track is Mounted To The Face Of The Wall which can be exposed or covered with a pelmet. This choice includes optional brackets available for fixing track to the side of the wall and Open Rail and Barn Door Hardware.

When it comes to using the best track & fittings in your home, you are spoiled for choice. Highlights include:

  • Quality heavy-duty extruded aluminium track
  • Available in lengths up to 6 metres
  • Suitable for single door panels or two panels bi-parting in one track run
  • Track & fittings available in a special 350kg weight rating 
  • Powder-coated track available in a variety of colours upon request
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You can have the answer to your space-saving and design needs with the ultimate in internal sliding door track systems.

Where do you find that high quality sliding door solutions for your home? The only name you need to know is Triline.

Quality is an open and shut case

Triline continues to lead the field in the highest quality sliding doors for a range of different needs. You get the benefits of in-depth research, special design, and manufacture that culminate with the best in aesthetics and style. 

Here, state-of-the-art building techniques and premium materials combine to create the quality for which Triline is renowned. From floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and the ultimate in sliding door hardware, see the best in the business. For a door, you will adore, call us today or send us an email