How can Cavity Doors Save you Space

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Adding space has always been and will always be a priority in the home. It gives you a better feel and focus especially when it comes to the interior of the house. Changing the perspective and dimensions of a space can be invaluable.

This is why floor to ceiling sliding doors are in such strong demand.

With the space-saving effects comes the ability to streamline and add a sophisticated element to the entire home.

Wondering how to make your room wider or if you can widen different areas of your home, the answer is easier than you might think.

With the right planning and a few special features, you can have a look that you will love for years to come.

Ways to widen a room

There are more ways to widen to a room than you realise. 

It’s a good idea to pause before you make any changes to your home and take stock of what you have and examine the layout of each room.

There are key factors that can detract from the actual size of a space such as clutter and having the room arranged in a less than ideal way.

Just because you have always had a room decorated or used in a certain way doesn’t mean that you are locked into that set-up.

One of the first and most beneficial steps that you can take is to empty the room of all the furniture and furnishings. This includes items such as paintings, decorations and even wall and door hangings. 

With a clear and blank canvas, you will have a better chance of seeing the potential for making efficient and effective changes.

This is when the key elements of the room become more apparent, such as:

  • The furniture you choose
  • The colour scheme you use
  • How the lighting affects the space
  • The impact of doors and other fixtures
  • The ways decorations and artwork influence the look

Getting the most out of the space is not just a simple task of removing items, it is more about how to make the most of the overall dimensions of the room. 

cavity sliding doors

Each element of a room

The furniture you use in any room will determine the look and the function of the overall space. 

Using large and bulky furniture can be for the benefit of comfort but come at the cost of limiting the flow of the room and access to each part of it. On the other hand, having too little or a stripped-back look can make the room feel characterless and cold. In the worst case, it may look like you have forgotten to finish furnishing your home.

The placement of your furniture should enhance the style and the throughline of the room.

Having an open look doesn’t mean that you must limit the amount of furniture you use. It can be a simple matter of arranging your furniture to allow the lightest and easy movement through the space.

This is when changing the focus of the room can be made with the choice of internal sliding doors. This clever innovation can add space and beauty to the home.

Having a clear line that brings a greater flow to the eye and avoids having the space broken or disjointed is hugely impactful.

Any room that has doors that encroach on the space can be eliminated with the addition of a quality sliding door.

Bringing more space to your home

Once you have seen the benefits of a sliding door and the way it conveys a special style and function to a room, you will wonder why you didn’t choose this space-saving option earlier.

With the right colour scheme, well-arranged furniture and lighting that highlights the features of the room, you have the recipe for a chic and captivating look.

Using the dimensions of your room and throughout your house takes a concentrated effort to maximise what you have. Adding the feel of a widened space to the room takes the unique qualities that come with space-saving measures like high-quality sliding doors. 

Where do you find that high-quality product for use in your own home? The answer is Triline.

Quality custom sliding doors

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